There are many ways you can help us continue to raise vital funds, please consider helping us through one of these...

‘Fuel’ Donation

If you’re able to work from home, why not save up your fuel costs that you would have spent travelling to and from your workplace. Save this up over the course of your home working and donate it to us

Utilise Social Media…

If you’ve got a birthday or celebration coming up and you were planning on going out for a meal, a few drinks or a night out, why not ask your friends and family instead to donate to Salisbury Hospice Charity– It’s really easy to do with Facebook Donate and you can share the page with all your friends on social media too.

Coffee Donation…

Maybe you treat yourself to a coffee or a drink before you start work. Why not consider saving this money up and donating it, helping us to continue our vital services free to all who need them.

Hospice Lottery

Have you heard about our hospice lottery? Our weekly lottery draw is a fun and easy way to raise money for Salisbury Hospice Charity, plus you could win up to £25,000! For just 1.00 per week, it’s a great way to support us! Find out more here.

Help us every month…

Now, more than ever before, having regular monthly donations is vital. Knowing that each month we have a guaranteed donation will allow us to plan and continue our services, no matter what the circumstances. A small monthly donation can really make a big difference. However much you can give, be rest assured that it will be spent in the best possible way. Find out more here.

Amazon Smile

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go shopping online and donate some cash to your favourite charity as a result? Well, you can now donate to Salisbury Hospice Charity through your purchases via the Amazon website - and it costs you nothing! Find out more here.


Give as you Live

Did you know there’s a really easy way YOU can help Salisbury Hospice Charity today! You can sign up for Give as you Live online here.