Walk our first ever #VirtualMidnightWalk

The Midnight Walk is our biggest annual fundraising event bringing in over £40,000 a year for Salisbury Hospice. As we’ve had to postpone our event until next year, we thought we’d go virtual.

As we find ourselves in times of social distancing and amidst the cancellation of all mass gatherings we thought it would be amazing to bring our incredible supporters together, to virtually complete their midnight walk.

You can take part any time you like.

It’s really easy too…

1. Choose your distance - either 6 or 10 mile and how you want to do it, walk, jog, run, or skip the choice is yours…

2. Choose your route - Do it on your treadmill, around the sofa, in your garden, up and down the stairs, around your village or wherever works best for you.

3. Start Fundraising - Set up a Facebook Fundraising Page or Justgiving page, share your challenge and start fundraising today. Every penny will make a massive difference right now.

There are no registration fees, we just ask you tag @salisburyhopicecharity, share your stories, photos and video clips on your social media and raise as much as you can for the Hospice.

There are no rules – apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time. The main thing is to stay safe and have fun!

Fancy Dress

Why not do it in fancy dress and make your neighbours and online followers smile? There will be a prize for the best outfit!

You can, of course, do your challenge anytime on Saturday 16th May, and over a few days if that works better for you.

Dedication Page

If you are doing the #VirtualMidnightWalk in memory of a loved one, we have a dedication page, where you can share memories, thoughts and stories of your loved ones with family and friends as well as light candles, add music, photos and videos.
Make a difference step by step, don’t delay, and start fundraising today…

Frequently asked questions.

How do I fundraise?

• You need to set up an online fundraising page. Read our instructions on how to set up a Facebook or Justgiving Page here.

• Get your most generous friends to donate first! People are strongly influenced by how much everyone else gives so if your first donation is a high one, other friends are likely to do the same.

• Personalise your page. If this cause means a lot to you personally, make sure you put this into words on your page. Or focus on the challenge itself – walking 10 miles through the night around your sofa is no mean feat! Use a photo of yourself in fancy dress or if you are raising money in honour of someone, use their photo.

• Facebook and Twitter are your friends! Over 20% of the money raised via online giving comes through Facebook alone. Start a count down to the big day in your status or, if you’re feeling brave, share a photo/video of yourself on a training session.

• Show your friends how their funds help Salisbury Hospice Charity by linking to our website

How do you know I really did 6 or 10 miles?

• We don’t. But we trust you—that’s what community is all about.

• You can track you’re your route on Strava and connect this to Justgiving if you want to prove you completed your distance. Find out howHERE.

What if I can’t do it on 16th May?

• That’s okay! You can do it anytime in May. We’ll be excited to hear about your walk whenever you do it.

I signed up to do this year’s midnight walk before it was postponed, can I still take part?

•, Of course, you can! And don’t worry your registration fee for this year, will still be valid for next year’s event.

If I decide to do my walk overnight can I go around my local community?
• If you decide to do it overnight, we strongly advise you do it in your home or garden for your own safety.

How can I prepare for the Virtual Walk?

• Make sure you get some training in before you take on your 6 or 10-mile challenge.

• Make sure you do lots of stretches and take part in our virtual warm up before setting off.

Why not Walk The Virtual Midnight Walk for Salisbury Hospice