Time & Place at Messums Wiltshire

Date: Friday 6th December 2019 - Sunday 26th January 2020


Messums Wiltshire, Place Farm, Court St, Tisbury, Salisbury SP3 6LW

Bruce Munro

Time & Place at Messums Wiltshire

An exploration of light as art that will illuminate the 13th-century barn and surrounding landscape
In memory of Libby Woodland

Bruce Munro

Artist Statement

I first discovered light as a medium after leaving art school, where I had studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. I choose to work with light because working with a medium that was so very pure and true enabled me to express so many of my ideas that filled my head and my sketchbooks.
In my early 40s, I began to create pieces using re-purposed manufacturing components and light that became very personal. I realized that I had always been striving to be so different, to make my art different, but starting from then I began looking for a shared experience. I’ve kept sketchbook journals for the last 40 years and had recorded moments and memories of feeling at one with the world - and I realized that could be expressed by light. Our experiences of being connected to the world in its largest sense, of being part of an essential pattern, became my true subject matter.

Bruce Munro

Time and Place at Messums Wiltshire

Time and Place is an exhibition featuring three exterior artworks, two interior artworks and a series of wall-mounted pieces based within the grounds and in the beautiful hay barn at Messums Gallery. The works, created by Bruce Munro, are light-based and are a collection of mixed-media sculptures and installations.
Exterior Artworks: Moon Harvest, Field of Light and Temperate Zone.
Interior Artworks: C-Scales, Reflections and Wall Mounted Artworks
Libby Woodland
Libby Woodland joined the Bruce Munro Studio after completing her degree course in Fine Art. Her bubbly, creative and infectious personality made her very quickly become an important and valued member of our team. She worked on many of our overseas projects and was Project Manager and Installation Lead at Jeju Island, South Korea.

On the 28th August 2018, we lost our lovely colleague and friend to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Libby showed great courage, humour, friendship and love right to the end of her life. Libby was only 25 years old when she contracted this terrible disease, and she only had 6 weeks and 2 days between diagnosis before she had to say goodbye. It was a privilege to know Libby and she will be much missed but never forgotten.

During the last week of her illness, she was cared for by the wonderful team at Salisbury Hospice. They were incredibly supportive to both Libby and her family and did everything they could to ensure Libby was comfortable at the end.

To make a donation to the Salisbury Hospice please visit

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