Beautiful Handmade Medication Bags for Hospice Patients

August 2018

At Salisbury Hospice there are so many stories of kindness and wonderful generosity and one of the best things is the ability for the family and carers of an individual to support the hospice team with delivering a truly tailored experience to the patient. A fantastic example of this came to us recently.

Some patients are not able to manage tablets and require a syringe driver to deliver their medication. Both in hospital and the community patients may wish these to be less obvious and discreet. Marlene Lucas was an inpatient at Salisbury Hospice and while visiting her, her cousin, Veronica Tuck had an idea to brighten up this experience with a range of vibrant, unique handmade bags to carry the medication around.

Veronica has made a whole range of the bags and these will be on offer to patients in the hospice.


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