An Inspirational Fundraising Story

September 2018

Keith Miller is another inspirational fundraiser. Having competed
Race to the Stones which is a 100-kilometre route along The Ridgeway from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs finishing at the stone circle in Avebury, he has also run another 3 ultra marathons!

Keith picks up the story of his phenomenal fundraising feet in his own words:

The point of all this silly running about is to raise money for Salisbury Hospice who looked after my wife Bea so well in her final weeks of life. They also cared for Sally-Ann Reynolds (a much-loved teacher at the local school) in 2016.
For the most part Bea did not suffer too much pain over the years (and any she did she did she kept well hidden most of the time - hell of a brave woman and I miss her every day) but in the latter part of 2016 she did start feeling the effects as the cancer finally took hold and she ended up spending her last few weeks in Salisbury Hospice. The care, dignity and respect they showed her is something for which I will always be grateful.
So the very least I can do is spend a day running along the Ridgeway and try and raise some money so they can continue this excellent work. The hospice is a charity and relies on donations to keep going.

I’ll leave you with a picture of what I wear around my neck, something I wore during Race to The Stones and something which gives me great comfort and feels I have a hidden hand pushing me along. Mine and Bea’s wedding rings, entwined forever.

Keith has raised an incredible £2,700 so far!



If you would like to raise money for the hospice, please get in touch:




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