Heights were never her thing, but Lucy raises over 2K for the hospice!

May 2019

Recently Mark Jackson from Blue Bee Solutions in Salisbury raised an incredible £3,206.25 scaling Mount Kilimanjaro.

As part of his push for fundraising, he set up a competition for those who sponsor him to be entered into a draw for a parachute jump with the Red Devils.

Lucy Thornber won the skydive and as she said in her own words, this was not something she immediately jumped at the chance of:

This was NOT on my bucket list.

I can barely go on an escalator without feeling dizzy, I can't sit on the top deck of a bus, the thought of throwing myself out of a perfectly good plane has never appealed to me. BUT... when I was the "lucky" recipient of a tandem jump with the Red Devils prize, I decided to take myself completely and utterly out of my comfort zone and go for it. It was fate.

In June last year, our worlds were turned upside down with my father's diagnosis of cancer. We were and are absolutely devastated, but seeing the strength that Dad has shown, fighting it with everything he has, has made me want to step (or jump?) up and do something.

Dad is currently being cared for at the Hospice, and thanks to their dedication and support, should be able to return home soon. The team at the Hospice have been the most incredible support to my parents and by helping them raise much-needed funds, I will be able to say "thank you".

(image - Lucy parachuting down)

Lucy did her skydive with the Red Devils last Friday and has raised an absolutely incredible £2,696.22 so far!

To find out more about fundraising through skydiving or anything else in the community please contact our Community Fundraiser Tamsin.

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