Art and stories in our Peter Gillam Support Centre

September 2019

Our Peter Gillam support centre offers a range of social support for both inpatients and patients from the community as well as providing a day of respite for carers. It is a place where patients can relax and take part in a variety of fun activities as well as art, music and dance therapies, aromatherapy and reflexology.

Today featured the art group which is just one of many of the various activities we offer to our day patients.

It was Art today, but as with all of our sessions, Art was not the only topic of conversation.

Our Marketing officer David spent some time with the group was completely bowled over by the amazing life stories and memories that become part of these groups.

Today, the conversation moved onto the Second World War and being in Salisbury during this time. There was a detailed account of a German Bombing Raid on the city and the fact that, for children at the time, the communal air-raid shelters were situated at the Greencroft in the city centre.

The Greencroft as it is seen today:

Photograph © Copyright Stephen Craven

There were stories of childhood bravery, ingenuity and love stories. It is these magical moments, all whilst paining beautiful works of art that make the Peter Gillam support centre such a lovely place to be, for patients, staff and David today.

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