Our Media Partnership with Radio Odstock Launches Online!

November 2019

Yesterday saw the historic launch online of one of the UK's oldest hospital radio stations.

Radio Odstock, which is over 66 years old, went online at midday on 21st November in conjunction with Salisbury Hospice Charity. The partnership is designed to further expand the awareness of the charity to the local community and beyond, with the station providing up-to-date news and information about the charity, it's initiatives and events.

At the same time, Radio Odstock will be able to better sever the patients of Salisbury Hospital and our Hospice by providing this new coverage where families can listen to requests and send messages to patients. The new level of interaction will be invaluable going forward to the station, patients, families and friends.

Paula Flower, Head of Fundraising at the charity said:

We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Radio Odstock to make this new venture a reality. This is a new platform for us, radio is a powerful medium and will help to promote our charity and the invaluable work of Salisbury Hospice.

To see all the photographs from the day cleck here.

You can tune in now to this 24 hour-a-day radio station and hear all the latest about the hospice charity too here.

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