What happens to our Christmas Trees once collected and how do we recycle them?

January 2020

Our Christmas Tree Recycling initiative this year was record-breaking. Over three days we collected over 1,000 trees, raising over £13,000 for the charity.

We often get asked the question, what happens to the trees once collected? Well here's the answer.

Once our incredible teams of volunteers have collected your tree from your doorstep, they were taken to be recycled. Roughly half were chipped by Ockenden Tree Services and Mark Walsh Tree Surgeon and used as a base for cattle bedding at Rose Farm, Hurdcott.

The rest were either turned into compost at Newbourne Farm Composting or chipped by Stump Grinders in Tisbury.

Here's a short video of some of the processes involved:

We are so grateful to all the teams involved in this mammoth task!

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