New Bladder Scanner for our Hospice funded by you!

February 2020

We're pleased to announce yet another incredible project which has been funded by your passionate support for our hospice

Our inpatient team now have a vital bladder scanner! This fantastic device reduces the risk of UTIs as well as increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. Thank you from all of the team.


Inpatient Sister - Helen Savage with the scanner.

Salisbury Hospice did not own a bladder scanner. We did not have easy access to a bladder scanner and if a patient was thought to be in retention then diagnosis was made by palpation or borrowing from another unit. This meant a member of staff from the small inpatient team had to go and borrow a scanner and return it to the ward loaning it. The patient had to wait whilst the bladder scanner was being obtained too.

The bladder scanner is used on average ten times a week. It has improved the care we deliver by:

  • enabling us to deliver care in a timely manner
  • reducing the risk of infections from catheters
  • increasing patient comfort

Pippa Baker – Palliative Medicine Consultant / Lead Consultant for Salisbury Specialist Palliative Care Service said:

The benefits have been that we have reduced staff time searching the acute hospital trust for a scanner that we can borrow for our patients, which intern has improved care for patients as we can scan as and when we want, reducing the need for unnecessary catheters!


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