Strictly Come Fundraising Comes to Town

March 2020

This Saturday sees Strictly Come Fundraising at Salisbury Arts Centre.

With all the glitz and glamour of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing show, this event is sure to get your toes tapping.

Six daring couples with little or no dance experience have teamed up with professional dancers over the past few months to wow and impress our expert panel of judges.

Robbie and Dorota: Dancing the Jive

Robbie started at Ceroc about three years ago. He and Dorota met there and both want to raise money for the Hospice as they have experience with it. Dorota has seen first-hand how hard everyone works as she also works as part of the NHS. Robbie will be putting his plumbing tools down and getting his dancing shoes on.


Simon and Sandra: Dancing the Paso Doble

Simon, originally from Salisbury, learned to dance Ballroom at the Wellington School of Dance in his youth. Now living in London and having had a break from dancing for over 20 years, Simon recently returned to dancing at the Karen Hardy Dance Studio.

Sandra has often wondered if she could learn to dance and early in 2017 began learning the Latin-American dances. Thirty plus years of aerobics and turning on a bent leg brings the challenge of doing so on a straight leg and in 3-inch heels.

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Adheer and Sunitha: Dancing the Salsa, Sunitha

Adheer and I were both individually very interested in dance during our school days. Adheer was very proficient in ‘break dancing’ whilst my interest lay in club jazz routines. I was lucky enough to learn some Ballroom and Latin American dance as well. Our passion for dance has recently been revived as part of this Strictly Come Fundraising event, with us both learning the Salsa for the first time, which also allowed us to time to reconnect.

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Simon and Louise: Dancing the Jive, Louise wrote

Back in 2004 when we were getting married I broke the news to Simon that it was a dream to dance the waltz at my wedding. Simon decided that he would give it ago and with no previous dance experience we had dance lessons with Zoe Wellington, and performed a very basic waltz.

Which leads us to this performance, both of us like to dance and mess around, and in our heads, we like to think we are 20, not nearly 50. Therefore we appreciate all the support this evening as we are both very nervous. Tonight is for you Dad, who I know is with us cheering us on and probably having a good laugh!

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Mark and Deanna: Dancing the Waltz

Deanna and Mark have been dancing together since August 2019 and this competition gives Deanna a chance to rekindle her love of dance. Mark wasn’t given many options by his wife but to take part! Both Deanna and Mark felt that this event would be a great opportunity to raise additional funds for such an amazing charity.


Chaz and Brigitte: Dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha

We are a long-married couple with mixed dance experience; Chaz has only ever “strutted” his moves at parties such as family weddings whereas Brigitte has done some Tap and Street. So this Latin dance is completely out of our comfort zone, and our thanks go to Liam and Stephanie for their professional help and their patience. We are both nervous and excited about this competition, but mainly we are here to have fun and raise loads of money for Salisbury Hospice Charity!

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