Sweet Fundraising Success for Abi and her Family

April 2020

During the UK Lockdown, we are receiving so many wonderful stories of innovative ways of fundraising for our hospice.

Abi Blake who works for the charity picks up the story:

In November last year my dad became ill and was taken into hospital, a few days later, to our utter shock and disbelieve, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Sadly Dads cancer was so aggressive that he lost his battle just 5 days later.

Dad’s last wish was to come home to be with his family and beloved pets. During his final days at home, we were supported by the Hospice At Home team. As you can imagine we were completely overwhelmed and unequipped to deal with this situation. The team from the hospice sprang into action to support us, whilst creating a calm and peaceful environment. They put all our worries at ease and were so respectful allowing dad to maintain his dignity and enabled us to care for him at home. I have worked for the charity for 4 years and have always know what an incredible service the hospice is for the community, but experiencing it first hand, it really does bring it home and I will be forever thankful to the hospice team.

Dad was a beekeeper and loved spending time with his beloved bees. Since Dad passed away we as a family have taken on his hives and are determined to learn this unique skill to ensure Dads bees thrive and continue to create delicious honey.

As we find ourselves in these difficult and uncertain times. We could not think of a better way to honour Dads memory, then by spreading his honey throughout the local community, whilst raising money for the Hospice.

So during the last few weeks of Lock Down, we set about jarring the honey, designing labels and delivering it to doorsteps for donations to the hospice. We asked for a donation of £5 per jar, but have found people have been extremely generous and given so much more than we ever imagined.


Labels for the honey


Those that donated have been sharing with us how they have used their honey. From having it on toast to baking to creating organic skincare products, it’s been so uplifting to see Dads honey used in so many creative ways.


Abi said “This whole process has been such a heart-warming and rewarding experience for my family, knowing we are not only providing a helpful service to our community, we are raising much-needed funds for the hospice whilst keeping Dads passion alive. I can honestly say honey truly does have many healing qualities”.

Abi and her family have raised an incredible £485 so far. There are still 5 jars left (until the next harvest) and they would love to get to £500.

If you would like one of the remaining jars please email abi@salisburyhospicecharity.org.uk and let her know your address and how much you would like to donate.

You can find out more about what they’ve been up to by clicking on their fund-raising page here https://www.facebook.com/donate/1273784382821819/10222731413214986/

Follow Abi and her family on Instagram: the_unexpected_beekeepers as they delve into the world of beekeeping, learn the skills to care for the bees and make their Dad proud.


Abi & her family out delivering the honey

with Abi's mum, sister and brother

A video of Poppy out visiting the bees:


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