Our Incredible 2.6 Challenge Hospice Heroes

April 2020

A huge thank you to all our incredible Hospice Heroes who have taken part in the 2.6 Challenge for Salisbury Hospice Charity.

Lee's Salisbury Cathedral Marathon

Italian Trulli

Lee Syrett that Branch Manager of Salisbury's Nationwide undertook an absolutely incredible challenge.

He told us more:

5:02am on the Saturday of the eagerly anticipated London Marathon weekend...

Our world has been turned upside down in these most challenging of times, and amazing charities, like our incredible Salisbury Hospice Charity, now needs our support more than ever

Having had to cancel and postpone all their planned 2020 fundraising events, many of which my team and I at Nationwide, Salisbury branch, were looking forward to support including the "Midnight Walk" and the "Jurassic Coast 50k Challenge" has left a massive hole in their fundraising, at a time when they need it most

Having been to the hospice and met their staff with my team, it's heartbreaking to think they won't be able to raise funds to support every aspect of this fantastic charity.

So, I decided to come up with my own#HospiceHero#TwoPointSixChallange...my team at Nationwide Building Society committed to support, and support and fundraise we will even in these challenging times.

Like many, I was due to run the London Marathon this weekend, and have trained hard so it's a shame to let my hard work go to waste...right?!

So here's the twist...I measured out a 1-mile loop on Garmin/Strava around our iconic Salisbury Cathedral, and this morning I have run 26 laps of this loop to complete my 26.2-mile marathon

I started at 5:02am to ensure I'm all alone and have just completed the mind-numbing 26 lap marathon solo, no crowd, no water stations, no fuel, around the Cathedral in a time of 3:19:43 it’s on Strava so I’m definitely counting it!

Surprisingly, physically legs and body felt ok at training pace, but mentally the whole 26 lap thing was tough…never again!

Great to be able to complete a “relatively comfortable” training marathon and get stronger & faster as the laps & miles ticked over, the hard work & training has paid off and will hopefully see the benefit in Manchester Marathon & London Marathon at race pace

Yes, this morning hurt...but it’s insignificant in comparison to the pain and utter devastation that all too many families are facing right now...

This is where you guys come in...

I've seen first hand how the Hospice uses their much-needed fundraising funds, and every penny is so appreciated and vital to them, so please, share, support, donate and let's raise much-needed funds for this incredible charity.


Lee, you are absolutely amazing and a true Hospice Hero! What an incredible 2.6 Challenge, a marathon around Salisbury Cathedral!! Thank you so much for all you have done :-)

2.6 Ice Bath Challenge

Abi and Rob Blake from the Winchester Gate Pub in Salisbury challenged themselves and their friends to take on the Ice Bath Challenge, saying


(Do it on your own, or with everyone in your household - the more in the tub the better! Don't forget to grab a couple of bags of ice this week, but don't worry if you can't - a cold water bath will do the trick)


(Live stream your video or record it and upload it to your social media tagging @Thewinchestergate andSalisbury Hospice Charity)

So far they have raised £806



Bickton Loopy Marathon


Another 2.6 Challenge happened yesterday. The wonderful community of #Bickton came up with such a great idea. They all ran a socially distanced marathon to help. The Bickton loop is just under 1km, so to complete the marathon, 43 laps were run in a relay by 43 of the village's finest athletes ranging in age from 3 to 21 (and many bits).

You can see them all taking part in this brilliant challenge here.

So far this incredible effort has raised £2,070  for our hospice, well done to all of you. You can still donate here - https://buff.ly/2YkXKtd


Harry and George - 2.6 Challenge

Harry and George will be cycling 2.6 miles for Salisbury Hospice Charity because they cared for our Grandad and need our support.


Christopher's 2.6 Challenge


Christopher Glaysher is, without doubt, another Hospice Hero. He has previously been Trustee of our hospice and is a staunch supporter of our charity and the difference it makes to people in our region. Christopher is in his 80s and challenged himself to raise funds by walking 2.6 miles. You are an amazing and inspiring man Christopher, thank you.

You can still support him here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/christopher-s-2-6-challenge262


Harry and George - 2.6 Challenge

Harry and George cycled 2.6 miles for the challenge and said that they took part because 'Salisbury Hospice cared for our Grandad and need our support.'

A big thank you Harry and George - they have raised over £500 now in memory of their Grandad for the Salisbury Hospice Charity




Karen's 2.6 Salisbury Hospice Challenge



Karen said about her 2.6 Challenge

I’ve recently started running I’m experimenting with different distances and terrains. When I saw the Hospice’s 2.6 challenge I thought I’d add some hills. This fantastic organisation could really do with your support right now.

'My twelfth ever run and I did 2.6 miles with about the first mile up a very big hill. Just about managed to keep running (shuffling) all the way up without breaking into a walk! And I’ve nearly reached my sponsorship target'.


Paula's 2.6 Challenge

Here's our fabulous Head of Fundraising Paula Flower completing her 2.6 Challenge today, singing a line from 26 musicals in 2.6 minutes!

Amazing challenge completed.

You can still donate for this challenge here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/paula-s-2-6-challenge18


Woodlea Grange 2.6 Challenge street swap shop

The residents of Woodlea Grange, Alderbury came up with the unique idea of a house swap to mark the occasion of 2.6 challenge. The street donated things from their cupboards from wine, homemade bread and cakes to dozen fresh eggs laid by someone’s chickens. They set up a just giving page and made donations in aid of the vital work the Salisbury Hospice does for the community, they raised £239. The house swap draw took place at 2:06pm on Sunday with people delivering and receiving their gifts all afternoon.


Ian's 2.6hr Prodigy vinyl set Challenge!

Ian played a 24-hour Prodigy set and the event was streamed on Facebook Live. Another incredibly inventive way of raising funds and awareness for our hospice.

You can see more about it here -https://www.facebook.com/DJENF2020/videos/534874220562079/


David's 2.6 Challenge



Our Marketing and Communication Officer Dave decided to dust off his running shoes for a 2.6 mile run around his sitting room!

He said:

Sunday 26th April will be 23 years since my father passed away in a hospice. The teams, their amazing the care and support is literally life-changing, not just to patients but their families too, who need it the most at a difficult time. This anniversary seems a fitting way to raise funds and show my support in a small way by doing something a little creative during the UK Lockdown supporting that I am supporting the Salisbury Hospice Charity.


The charity aims to raise £1.5 million each year and care for 1,000 patients and their families annually. An incredible and vital service.

As things are a little different to our daily lives at the moment I've taken on the challenge to run 2.6 miles around our sitting room. That equates to 104 times round!

If you can sponsor me, no matter how little, it literally will make such a difference, thank you :)


The Baker's 2.6 Challenge

Another wonderful 2.6 Challenge fundraiser that has so far toped £127!

You can donate to this challenge here -



Rory's 2.6 Challenge - Eating 26 hard-boiled eggs


Rory set himself the challenge of eating 26 hard-boiled eggs. An egg-stravagent challenge I'm sure you'll agree. So far Rory has raised an incredible £344.

You can donate to support him here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rory-lloyd-jones

Most of these are from the JustGiving 2.6 Challenge Page from Salisbury Hospice, you can see them all here -https://twopointsixchallenge.justgiving.com/get-involved?charityId=11209


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