Suz Dru Drury takes on an Incredible Challenge for Salisbury Hospice

September 2020

It is always so good to receive truly inspirational stories and this really is one of those.

Suz Dru Drury's twin sister, Pips, was supported by our hospice in 2015.

Suz, who has Cerebral Palsy, has come up with an amazing challenge to raise funds for our hospice by walking 700 laps of the corridor where she lives.

Suz is taking on the challenge on Sunday 20th September.

Suz picks up the story:

I wanted to raise some money for the hospice. They were so so kind to us as a family when my lovely twin was in their care and made her last days comfortable.

Pips my twin always supported me and gave me encouragement in everything I did. I just wanted to say thank you to them. I know in my half a heart that pips will be looking down on me and saying come on Suz you can do it.

I enjoy doing exercise because it makes me feel good. It also helps my Cerebral Palsy which affects my legs mainly. I have had this since birth. I walk with two sticks.

I like to set myself goals. I had planned to do a sponsored swim for the Hospice but due to the COVID, I had to think of something else. I came up with doing laps of the corridor where I live. I am doing it on 20 September throughout the day.

I just want to make my Pips proud. Pips was a very caring person and gave me lots of encouragement to achieve my goals.. I always think in my mind no matter if you have a disability or health issues one can achieve goals. I may be slower than other people but it's achieving it that counts.


Suz, you are an absolute inspiration. Thank you SO much for setting yourself this amazing challenge!

Find out more and sponsor Suz for this incredible challenge HERE!


Suz has also written this beautiful poem for Pips



As I look to the sky the clouds are high;
I just want to say hi not goodbye;
You will always be in our hearts Pip's that's why;
Keeping an eye just like a butterfly;

Pips you were a part of me and always will be;
I will never forget the things you did for me;
Pips had a heart of gold that everyone could see;
Caring for people was your priority and happened naturally

Pips you always kept fit and wore a colourful cycling kit
So everyone could see you racing along happily;
You often cycled over to me then texted to say you were here safely;
Then a flavoured tea was on the agenda for me and we chatted happily;
We were as relaxed as can be it was lovely juvly;

Pips you were always on the go but would never forget people tho;
And would make time to see people when you had a mo;
Or ring them to let them know you couldn't show;
We all miss chatting to you, you'll always be in the "Dru Drury crew";
It's not the same without you.

Our driving tests were on the same day;
Twin telepathy was working well I have to say;
Amazing hey in my area the sky was grey;
It wasn't my day but green lights came "Pips way";
A white Fiat Panda went cruising every day;
No tickets were issued along the way brilliant hey;
Let's go to Tesco's we would both say;
We took turns to pay and laughed lots on the way;

I remember doing a charity swim and the local paper popped in;
"Oh I had a grin from chin to chin and did a length in a min;
Without you they wouldn't have come in your support helped me win.

I miss you every day more than words can say;
A big part of my heart has been torn away;
We will be reunited one day;
"Keep going Suz" I hear you say;
Enjoy you flavoured drinks today;
But keep the exercising at bay;
Pips you're a shining star and that will always stay;
When I visit you I hear the birds singing away.

By Suz Dru Drury 25 August 2015.



Suz completed this amazing challenge raising a fantastic £1,243.75. Thank you so much Suz for all you have done.

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