15-Year-Old Keara Raises Funds For Our Hospice With Her incredible Artwork

January 2021

A wonderful story from lockdown.

15-year-old Keara Redding decided that during the most recent lockdown, she would use her incredible artistic talent to help raise funds for our hospice.

Keara picks up the story:

I am a 15-year-old artist living in Salisbury and I recently started posting my art on Instagram and Facebook when I started the GCSE art course. To my surprise, people started asking for commissions so I decided to take it more seriously and sell some work properly.

I had loads of work that I had done in lockdown, which was just cluttering my house so I decided that I should sell these for charity rather than my own profit and just sell the cards and commissions for my own money. I have so far posted 27 paintings for sale and sold 5.

You can view and purchase the from the range of work that Keara is selling for our hospice on either her Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/kearaswatercolours

or her Instagram page here - https://instagram.com/kearas_watercolours?igshid=nl9or770h9ap

She told us the reason she is supporting our hospice:

I chose to support the Salisbury hospice charity because I know many people who have been treated at the hospice including my Nan who recently passed away after battling cancer. It really put our minds at rest to know that she was in the care of the hospice for her final days, and the care my grandad received afterwards was also amazing, so I decided I owed it to them to support the charity!

I hope this helps, and thank you so much for promoting my art!

Keara thank you so much for all you are doing through your wonderful work to raise funds for our hospice teams, you are amazing!

UPDATE: Keara has now raised £395 from her incredible artwork! Thank you Keara.

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