“We will always be very grateful not only that Theresa was looked after so well but also that the hospice staff were so kind to us and allowed us to be there by her side for three days and nights until the end.”

“We will look back at this sad time and recall the hospice as a happy place knowing mum was amongst friends.”

“Your clinical care, emotional care, your support, kindness and understanding during such a sad time were exceptional and outstanding.”

“Each and every member of staff made our time at the hospice a very special time. Your constant care of Dad, and your knowledge and explanations gave him and us the confidence and strength to face every moment in a way that I have never known before, and I am in awe of the work that you do.”

“He was able to relax and let go knowing that not only would he be cared for right up to the end by you all, but he also knew that you would look after his family as well.”

“Being able to talk, to share our concerns and our pain helped us enormously to come to terms with the knowledge that we were going to lose a man we all truly loved.”

“He so enjoyed the Mondays that he spent with you and it gave him the chance to think about something else apart from his battle with cancer – a special thank you to Jenny for painting the birdhouse for him, this continues to have pride of place in my sitting room.”

“It’s so reassuring to be in a safe environment like the hospice and to just know they are keeping an eye on me and tweaking my medications as necessary.”

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