Mission statement:

‘To provide high-quality education and training to promote palliative care principles and practices in all health care settings and to enable health care professionals to deliver enhanced end of life care for patients, their families and carers.’

The palliative care team provides training for health professionals including GPs, district nurses and hospital medical and nursing staff (both within the hospice and externally) who are dedicated to improving standards of general palliative care. In an area where there are still many taboos, the team recognises the importance of dispelling myths and enabling people to behave with sensitivity around those who are dying.

Carers' skills courses are offered on a regular basis throughout the year and are half-day sessions once a week for a month. The courses are clearly divided into four sections looking at issues surrounding symptom control, practical skills, psychosocial skills and physical wellbeing. The topics range from pain management to moving/handling skills, stress management to practicalities such as financial issues and respite for carers.

These courses have received excellent feedback with many of the attendees particularly finding comfort in the discovery that they are not alone and that there are many resources available to them.

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