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Trafalgar School Classmates Raise 3K for Our Hospice

February 2020

Incredible fundraising from pupils at Trafalgar School, Downton

New Bladder Scanner for our Hospice funded by you!

February 2020

Another project funded by your incredible support!

A poem about Salisbury Hospice by Tanya Warren

January 2020

There are no words to introduce this piece other than to say a sincere heartfelt thank you to you Tanya for sharing your poem.

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We will look back at this sad time and recall the Hospice as a happy place knowing mum was amongst friends.

Family Member

It's so reassuring to be in a safe environment like the hospice and to just know they are keeping an eye on me and tweaking my medications as necessary.


Your clinical care, emotional care, your support, kindness and understanding during such a sad time were exceptional and outstanding.

Family Member

They cared for my Mum and they cared for me and for my family and that care has continued throughout the last year. It is the most extraordinary life affirming place that I have ever known.